About Us

About Us

Your Ultimate Outboard Motor Partner.

With over 40 years of distribution and retail network throughout Peninsula and East Malaysia, at Safe World Marine Sdn Bhd, we have been punching beyond our weight as the torchbearer of the Outboard Motor Industry  through our extensive OEM manufacturers’ connections of outboard motor products spanning across 8 jurisdictions and 3 continents. We have the Outboard Motor industry’s pulse in our firm grip through our extensive network of 40 years in the industry to march forward and beyond Outboard Motor in extending our product range.

We pride ourselves in quick turnaround of orders and our prowess in anticipating market demands and facilitating future market supplies for all your outboard motor needs.

We are open to work with any esteemed Principal that is keen to expand your market share in Malaysia. Kindly drop us an email at sales@safeworldmarine.com to discuss further.

We are the agent of the following outboard motor range of products:

  • Yamamotor Parts & Accessories
  • Omax Parts & Accessories
  • Solas Outboard Motor and Sterndrive Propellers
  • Aimalube Lubricants
  • Quicksilver Accessries & Lubricants
  • Tohatsu Outboards
  • Pretech Mechanical Steering System
  • Steerflex Mechanical Steering System
  • Maxflex Mechanical Steering System
  • Ultraflex Hydraulic Steering System

Valued Partners

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